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HIPAA Training Video Part 1

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HIPAA Training Video Part 1

To purchase for more than one person in your office, contact us at (719) 591-2424 or for an easier ordering experience. Video viewing credentials are specific to each individual. This video (part 1 of 2) supplies you with your annual HIPAA Training needs. Each employee views Part 1 & Part 2 of the HIPAA Training Video, then completes the paperwork as directed on the HIPAA Training Video Letter, emailed out after purchase.

HIPAA Training Videos Part 1 & Part 2 offer practices the following benefits:

* Cost Effective: Save by not having to devote staff time to research and performing in-house training.

* Trust: Trust that we are the experts; rest assured your practice will be up to date on the latest compliance regulations and requirements.

* Improve Efficiency: Spend more time on patient care. No need to block out clinic time for all staff training. Each employee can complete their training independently.

Member/List Price: $7.50