Providers & Staff


America’s health care system is stacked against you.  We saw physicians working more hours every week, yet seeing fewer patients.  We saw practices challenged financially, not because they weren’t providing good care, but because of a system that didn’t value them.


Credentialing – Initial Privileges & Reappointments

If you have hospital privileges, you know how much time the credentialing process takes. It’s an important process, and it can be incredibly cumbersome. Worse, it takes you and your team away from your main purpose – treating patients. Our specialists streamline this process, and we can compile your information in 1/8 of the time it takes your staff. By specializing, we also improve the accuracy of your information so you can get credentialed and paid faster.


CPR Training

Your patients assume your staff is trained in the event of an emergency. When we work with a practice we often find staff members don’t know how to perform CPR. EPCMS has teamed with EDCor to provide a discount to members. Look for the dicount log-in when you register for the course.