Regulatory Compliance


Regulations are changing rapidly, and staying up-to-date with them can be difficult. Our team of specialists offer the mountain west’s top expertise. Can we help you?


Privacy - HIPAA

No practice wants to face the poor publicity or scrutiny from the Office for Civil Rights from a HIPAA breach.  While the increasing utilization of technology in the medical field can improve efficiencies and aid in reporting requirements, it also requires the practice to follow more HIPAA Security Regulations.  There’s oftentimes not an awareness of what requirements are in the HIPAA law and its regulations. We can provide an assessment of your practice, and then will customize a compliance plan and train your staff.

Workplace Safety - OSHA

For every dollar a practice invests in OSHA compliance with us, they prevent an average of $10 in OSHA fines. While physicians and their staff recognize that complying with these regulations is important to their employees’ safety, and therefore their patients, compliance can be a tedious and time constraining process. After conducting a walk-through assessment of your practice, we can craft a customized plan and train your staff. Unlike most firms, we proactively follow up with your practice to make sure your team continues following these standards.