Medical Reserve Corps of El Paso County

Our longest running and most successful program to date. Originally founded in 2001 as DR HELP, we have since joined the national MRC program and have built the MRC of El Paso County into our nation’s largest MRC outside of Washington, DC. With nearly 200 volunteers, we’re a fully integrated component of our community’s emergency response plans. During the Waldo Canyon and Black Forest fires, our most recent mobilization, 144 of our volunteers provided over 2100 hours of volunteer medical service to evacuees.  "Having the confidence that, if called, this group of profesionals will always report quickly and support in an extremely professional and technically proficient manner eases my mind on my ability to provide medical care during disasters, " says Patty Baxter, El Paso County Sheriff's Office Emergency Manager, about the Medical Reserve Corps of El Paso County.


If you have questions or wish to volunteer, contact the MRCEPC Coordinator at or call (719) 591-2424.