Measures To Prevent Burnout In Your Practice



Working in health care can be both rewarding and challenging; the chronic stress of caring for a person’s life, and working short staffed with large workloads can quickly evolve into burnout. Physicians are not the only ones suffering of burnout, nursing burnout and administrator burnout are just as prevalent.



Here are a few measures to take to help prevent burnout in your practice:


Acknowledge and assess the problem. Take an active role with your employees; know their concerns and challenges. Ensure that all levels of management are on the same page with the importance and dangers of employee burnout. Burnout is associated with decreased patient satisfaction, decreased quality of care, and increased staff turnover.

Focusing on the well-being of your employees can help control costs in your practice. Think of the costs spent on employee turnover or unproductive hours at work. Employees who are happy and engaged at work have higher productivity rates.


Encourage breaks. Employees need to be able to stop and take breaks, even if just for a few minutes to walk away from the stress and not over work themselves. Employees should also be encouraged to take vacation time! This helps promote a healthy work-life balance, and can help employees come back refreshed and ready to tackle new challenges.


Be smart with rewards and incentives. Do the best you can to provide more flexibility and an emphasis on work-life balance in the practice. Provide social gatherings for employees; if needed, these can be done on a budget. For instance, have a potluck where each employee brings in a dish for lunch. This would take up costs for company time; however this cost will balance out in the long run if it increases employee longevity and productivity.



Odds are that burnout will affect every health care professional at some point in their career. It is an excellent quality to care about your patients and to be passionate about what you do, however if you are unable to distance yourself at times and recharge, it becomes a problem. It is vital to take care of yourself and your employees, so we all don’t lose sight of our passion.



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