Tips To Provide Excellent Customer Service In Your Practice



Health care reforms have pushed health care organizations and practices to rethink patient satisfaction and the importance of customer service. The way you interact with both patients and their families will make all the difference in how they and the community perceive your business.


Here are some tips for instilling excellent customer service in your practice:

Keep your promises. Keep the commitments you make to your patients. If you say “I will get back to you today,” do it. Even if you are unable to fulfill your commitment to them, provide them with an update. Communication will go a long way.


Provide training to your staff. Many people often think that customer service skills are common sense, however many practices find it beneficial to provide staff with industry specific customer service training.

Extra tip: Hire people with a history of helping people. Ask candidates what brought them to the health care field; make sure they don’t view it as just a job. Look for staff members that love what they do. The right staff will reduce turnover and increase customer satisfaction.


Deal with every complaint. Listen to the complaint, check the validity, take appropriate and timely action, and let the patient know how it was resolved. Take the perspective that complaints can be an opportunity to build a lifetime of loyalty from a patient.


Be open with mistakes. Forget to call a patient back? It happens. Be honest and apologize sincerely.


Create a blame free environment! Mistakes happen, we are all human. There is no need to point fingers and increase drama in the workplace. If mistakes happen more than once, keep in mind it’s likely a problem with the system.



Before disregarding a focus of customer service in your office, ask yourself  - would have a clinic without your patients? To have a competitive edge in health care in today’s market, high quality customer service is not an option.





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