Tips for a Successful OSHA Program


A safe work environment doesn’t happen overnight and it doesn’t happen by accident, it takes help from the entire workforce and it takes work to implement.



Here are some tips for having a successful OSHA program in your practice:

Demonstrate management involvement.  For a successful OSHA program, or any initiative in your practice, management must lead by example!  Members of management must provide the time, budget, and resources to show you are making workplace safety a priority.


Communicate your plan clearly.  Your OSHA compliance plans must be written, not only since it is required by OSHA, but to have available to share with your entire workforce.  The OSHA program must be communicated well to your workforce; otherwise they will not know what policies and procedures should be in place or what they are responsible for.  OSHA reminders and updates must be communicated with employees in a timely manner.  Again, if information is not shared with employees, they won’t know if tasks they are performing are wrong.


Get everyone involved.  OSHA programs are more likely to be effective when everyone is involved, especially at all levels in the practice.  The responsibilities and accountability for all employees should be outlined, they can even be incorporated into job descriptions and employee reviews.  When employees are empowered and included they become more invested to see the program be successful. 


Review, revise, improve.  The OSHA program should be ever changing.  OSHA requirements change and changes happen in medical practices; the program should be flexible to adjust to these changes.  The program should be regularly reviewed, evaluated, and updated in a timely manner when changes occur.


Create a strong workplace safety culture.  A strong workplace safety culture may take time to implement.  Employees should be encouraged to report issues without fear of negative consequences.  Employees should be encouraged to report good behavior and to share ideas for safety in the workplace.



Whether you are working towards implementing an OSHA program in your practice, or are looking to improve yours, these tips are great to keep in mind during the process.



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