Resolutions for Your Practice


With the New Year beginning, you are probably going through your personal New Year’s resolutions; lose a few pounds, spend more time with the kids, or spend more time on a hobby.  What about resolutions for your practice?





Setting goals or resolutions for your practice can make 2019 better for your business, your patients, your staff, and for yourself.  Here are a few ideas for resolutions for your medical practice:

Send out satisfaction surveys.  Distributing satisfaction surveys to your patients can give you an idea of how your practice is performing as a whole, and it can give you an idea of things your practice needs to focus on and how to improve in the future.



Make deeper connections with patients.  Focus on keeping lines of communication open and fostering relationships with patients in 2019.  For example, share educational articles with patients or share updates on what is happening with your practice. Fostering open communication builds trust and loyalty with your patients.



Improve your referral process.  Having a strong referral process in place brings business in your door.  While word of mouth plays a strong role in this, significant growth in business comes from physician referrals.  Continue to focus on your referral network in 2019.

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There are many other resolutions your practice may have, hopefully these assist in your brainstorming. Where do you see your practice headed in 2019?




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