Tips for Hiring Your Next Employee




Employee turnover is costly to an organization, it is important to take the time to hire the right person from the start.  This can be easier said than done; it can be very difficult to sift out the right person, who not only is qualified but a good fit for the organization.  If you are a small organization looking to grow, this may be an area you want to spend more time on, as the employees you hire can make or break your success.



Here are some tips for your next employee search:

  • Don’t look at credentials alone.The candidate may have an abundance of knowledge and skills for the position you are looking for, but this doesn’t mean they are the person for the job. Hiring based on credentials alone could lead to miserably working along side someone who is a terrible fit for the company or who ruins your workplace culture.


  • Hire action takers.This is especially important if you are a busy office (which most health care offices are); having someone who is able to work independently and you can trust to make decisions in the heat of moment can free up your time as their employer to work on other necessary tasks.Finding an employee who can “Jump off a cliff and build their wings on the way down” is crucial, especially in a small office looking to expand.


  • Look for candidates with a vision and passion for what you do.Candidates with a passion for what they do typically shine through job interviews.They typically have a higher emotional investment, and in turn are more likely to perform better and are likely to stay with your company longer.


  • The best resource is resourcefulness.Working in health care day to day provides us all with various obstacles, many of which you may have never faced before. Look for a candidate that is able to solve problems without saying no and without involving multiple team members.


  • Hire a candidate that possesses a unique quality.Our blind spots can be our worst enemies.Seek out a candidate that is able to complement the team nicely by bringing something to the table that you or your team members don’t have.



Don’t forget other important qualities, such as someone who is customer service driven and who meshes well with your workplace culture!


Hiring a new employee is going to look different for each organization, as each organization has different needs, come in different sizes, and are in different places in their business growth. 






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