What Factors Should I Focus On To Keep My Patients Satisfied?



With patients having the options to go to other practices to receive care it is important for your practice to understand the key factors that determine patient satisfaction.


An overall theme that can be observed is that patients want  to be seen as an individual that is important to you and your team. They want to feel that they are genuinely cared for. See the factors below to help you and your team understand what keeps patients satisfied.



Key Factors to Keeping Patients Satisfied



  • Access to care. Patients look at factors such as how long it took them to receive an appointment in your office, how long their wait time was in your office on the day of their appointment, and how quickly you or your office staff returned their phone calls. If a patient feels like they are kept waiting and are unimportant to you, they are most likely going to go elsewhere for their care.


  • Quality communication. Patients look at the tone of voice you and your staff used with them and the amount of time you or your staff spent explaining things to them. Patients also look at the communication they see between physicians and other team members such as nurses or medical assistants. Patients are able to pick up on the level of respect each team member has with one another and will factor that into their overall experience.


  • Happy physicians and team members. Patients want to come to a practice where their physician and care team are happy and enjoyable to be around. If the patient feels the physician or nurse is stressed or frustrated, this may lead to discomforting feelings on their end. Remember, happy people are more approachable! When patients feel more comfortable, they are willing to share more about their concerns, which leads to a better experience for everyone involved.



As a physician, these factors may not be in line with how you perceive what is important for patient satisfaction. Studies have shown that physicians see the quality of care as the most important factor for providing patient satisfaction. While that may be important to you, the average patient does not have the knowledge base to determine the quality of care they received from your practice. Patients assume that as their practitioner, you know what you are doing, and they judge their experience based factors such as listed above.





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