Importance of OSHA Updates


The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) puts in place Federal standards that require employers to provide a safe and healthy workplace for employees.  All employers with at least one employee are held to these regulations. 


OSHA has a list of specific standards for businesses to follow, and even breaks it down by industry.  There are specific requirements of offices in the health care industry to ensure their employees are being protected from the hazards present to them.  Among the list of standards in place by OSHA, includes the requirement to review and update OSHA policies and procedures in place.



Why is it so important to maintain the OSHA compliance of my practice?


It is required by Federal law.  As previously mentioned, OSHA compliance is required by employers with at least one employee.  It is required for employers to evaluate all policies and procedures annually or sooner if necessary, to reflect changes in the practice, or to reflect changes in OSHA requirements.  OSHA is able to fine businesses in violation with these requirements with penalties of up to $500,000 per violation!


To keep up with changing standards.  Working in health care we all know too well that regulations seem to be constantly changing.  The same can be said with OSHA regulations.  There are commonly updates and changes made to the standards, whether they are intended to improve upon employee safety conditions, or to change outdated procedures.  Your office may have a beautiful OSHA compliance manual that was put in place 3 years ago, but if you haven’t maintained your office’s OSHA compliance, your office may be in violation!


To make practice improvements.  By reviewing your OSHA compliance at least annually, you may come across inefficiencies in place at your practice.  This may be a great chance to make some process changes.  For instance, are two different disinfecting wipes being utilized in your practice?  It may make more sense to switch to one disinfectant (approved by the EPA, of course!) so that all employees are properly trained on the kill times and how to use it properly.


To keep your employees safe!  OSHA was put in place to protect your employee’s from health and safety hazards in the workplace.  At the end of the day, OSHA is all about putting your employee’s best interests first.  Invest in and protect your employees!



We understand that running a medical practice brings many stressors and puts numerous tasks on your agenda, and that you may feel that you simply can not add another project to your list.  It is so important to keep your employees safe and healthy; to prove to your employees that you are investing in them.  It is also important to protect your practice’s financial risk by preventing OSHA fines! 


I challenge you to review and update your OSHA policies and procedures today, or to make it a top priority this week.  Compliance must be kept a priority, for your practice’s well-being and for your employees.

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