Creating a Strong Workplace Safety Culture



A positive safety culture in the workplace is a vital part of a successful and effective health and safety program. 


Here are four ways to help create a strong workplace safety culture in your practice:


Appoint a champion at each office location.  Assign someone to hold responsibility for understanding what it will take to build a strong safety culture, including what the current hazards are, areas for improvement, and for gathering incident reports and conducting investigations.  Having someone responsible for this at each office location provides a more prominent workplace safety presence in the organization, and it makes someone available to go to with any questions or concerns.


Share your safety vision.  Everyone at the practice should be on the same page when establishing goals and objectives for workplace health and safety.  Upper management may have created the vision for the practice, however this needs to be effectively shared with the rest of the organization.  If other employees do not know what the vision is, it will be difficult to have a successful workplace safety program or culture.


Build trust.  Employees may feel uneasy when things change in the workplace.  It is important to keep things calm as much as possible.  Building trust among employees with help everyone work more efficiently together towards common goals.


Celebrate success!  Make sure to celebrate achievements and successes at your practice.  Make your celebrations public to keep everyone motivated and updated on team achievements.



Creating an effective safety culture is an ongoing process and is a large commitment.  While it may seem like a lot of work, the results are large and provide the practice with a positive attitude toward safety and a reduction in accidents and incidents in the workplace.



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