Providing the Hepatitis B Vaccination Series for Employees


There are many conflicting statements with regards to offering and providing the Hepatitis B vaccination series for your employees.  Here is exactly what you need to know to be in compliance with the Hepatitis B vaccination requirements for health care facilities with OSHA.




When does the Hepatitis B vaccination need to be offered?

The Hepatitis B vaccination must be made available after the employee has received their initial OSHA training and within 10 working days of their initial assignment.


What are the requirements for offering and providing the Hepatitis B vaccination series?

  • Must be available at no cost to the employee

  • Must be available at a reasonable time and place

  • Must be performed by or under the supervision of a licensed physician or by or under the supervision of another licensed healthcare professional


What if the employee declines the Hepatitis B Vaccination series?

An employee may decline the Hepatitis B vaccination series; this may be because the employee has already received the vaccination series. 


If the employee declines, the employee must sign a statement of declination for the employer’s records.


If the employee declines the vaccination series but would like to receive it at a later date, the employer must make the vaccination available at that time and under the same conditions.



What documentation is required?

OSHA standards require the employer to make available the Hepatitis B vaccination series to all occupationally exposed employeesTherefore, the practice must have documentation showing each employee’s occupational exposure and risk.


The employee must sign a consent or a declination statement for the vaccination series.


Documentation must include the employee’s name, social security number, the dates of the immunization administration, or the signed declination statement.


This documentation must be kept confidentially for 30 years after termination of employment.  Copies of this documentation must be supplied to the employee at their request.



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