HIPAA Plan Packages


HIPAA compliance is a federal requirement for all medical offices.  To prevent data breaches and penalties, which can include jail time and fines of up to 1.5 million dollars per violation, it is vital to have written plans for HIPAA in place for the office.  Your patients provide and trust you with confidential and important information to them.  Provide your patients with a piece of mind- ensure them you are making their health and privacy a top priority.



El Paso County Medical Society, powered by ProPractice, understands that each office is unique, and therefore each office has different needs for compliance.  This is why we have developed four different compliance packages to meet your needs.  These packages include the Basic Plan Package, Mid-Level Plan Package, Mid-Level Plus Plan Package, and the Advanced Plan Package. 

See below for further details to determine which package best meets your needs.







Basic Plan Package Mid-Level Plan Package Mid-Level Plus Plan Package Advanced Plan Package
Templated HIPAA Manual & Security Risk Analysis Templated HIPAA Manual & Security Risk Analysis Templated HIPAA Manual & Security Risk Analysis Completed HIPAA Manual, written specifically for your office
  HIPAA Assessment HIPAA Assessment Completed Security Risk Analysis
    4 hour HIPAA training session with Privacy/Security Officer(s) HIPAA Assessment
      Training and education with the Office Manager and Privacy/Security Officer(s)



For more information on HIPAA Plan Packages, please contact us at (719) 591-2424 or epcms@epcms.org.