EPCMS has determined that the following abbreviations will be used to identify board certifications in this directory:

A Allergy
ABI Abdominal Imaging
ABS Abdominal Surgery
AD Adolescent Medicine
ADD Addiction Medicine
ADDP Addiction Psychiatry
ADM Administrative Medicine
ADP Adolescent Psychiatry
ADR Adult Reconstruction
ADS Adult Strabismus
AES Advanced Endoscopic Surgery
AI Allergy & Immunology
ALD Alcohol & Drug Abuse
AM Aerospace Medicine
AMB Ambulatory Medicine
AMBPD Ambulatory Pediatrics
AN Anesthesiology
AP Anatomic Pathology
AR Arthritis
ARS Arthritis Surgery
AS Asthma
AVM Aviation Medicine
BBTM Blood Banking & Transfusion Medicine
BE Bronco-Esophagology
BI Body Imaging
BLB Bloodbanking
BRNS Burn Surgery
C Cardiology
CAN Cardiac Anesthesiology
CCEP Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology
CCM Critical Care Management/Medicine
CD Cardiovascular Diseases
CDS Cardiovascular Surgery
CHN Child Neurology
CHP Child Psychiatry
CLI Clinical & Laboratory Immunology
CLP Clinical Pathology
C/RFS Cornea & Refractive Surgery
CNP Clinical Neurophysiology
CRN Cornea & External Eye Disease
CRS Colon & Rectal Surgery
CSI Cross Sectional Imaging
CTAN Cardiothoracic Anesthesiology
CTS Cardiothoracic Surgery
CYP Cytopathology
D Dermatology
DBPD Developmental Behavioral Pediatrics
DCS Dermatologic & Cosmetic Surgery
DIA Diabetes
DMP Dermatopathology
DR Diagnostic Radiology
ELS Elbow Surgery
EM Emergency Medicine
EMG Electromyography
END Endocrinology & Metabolism
ENV Environmental Medicine
ENZ Enzymology
EPHY Electrophysiology
EPI Epidemiology
EU Endourology
FCM Forensic Medicine
FlapMS Flap Micro Surgery
FLM Flight Medicine
FM Family Medicine
FOP Forensic Pathology
FP Family Practice
FPS Facial Plastic Surgery
FPY Forensic Psychiatry
GE Gastroenterology
GEN Genetics
GER Geriatrics
GL Glaucoma
GP General Practice
GPM General Preventive Medicine
GS General Surgery
GYN Gynecology
GYN-ON Gynecological Oncology
H Hospice
HEM Hematology
HEP Hepatology
HNS Head & Neck Surgery
HPM Hospice/Palliative Medicine
HPTH Hematopathology
H/PRS Hip & Pelvic Reconstructive Surgery
HS Hand Surgery
HT Heart Transplantation
HYB Hyperbaric Medicine
HYP Hypnosis
ID Infectious Diseases
IDR International Disaster Relief
IG Immunology
IM Internal Medicine
INC Interventional Cardiology
IND Industrial Medicine
INF Infertility
INR Interventional Radiology
IP-PTH Immunopathology
JR Joint Replacement
LAR Laryngology
LM Legal Medicine
MAC Medical Acupuncture
MAU Medical Automation
MCH Mohs Chemosurgery
ME Medical Education
MED Medicine
MFM Maternal/Fetal Medicine
MFS Maxillofacial Surgery
MIS Minimally Invasive Surgery
MMS Mohs Micrographic Surgery
MRI Magnetic Resonance Imaging
MS Musculoskeletal
MSI Musculoskeletal Imaging
MSR Musculoskeletal Radiology
MVS Microvascular Surgery
N Neurology
NA Neuropathology
NAT Neonatology
NC Nuclear Cardiology
ND Neoplastic Diseases
NEP Nephrology
Neuro/OT Neurotology
Neuro/Psy Neuropsychology
Neuro/R Neuroradiology
NM Nuclear Medicine
NMD Neuromuscular Diseases
NMM/OMT Neuromuscular Medicine/Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment
NMT Neuromuscular Thermography
NPM Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine
NR Nuclear Radiology
NS Neurological Surgery
NTR Nutrition
OBAN Obstetric Anesthesiology
OBG Obstetrics & Gynecology
OBS Obstetrics
OCPL Oculoplastic Surgery
OLS Oral Surgery
OM Occupational Medicine
OMS Oral Maxillofacial Surgery
OMT Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment
ON Oncology
OPH Ophthalmology
ORS Orthopedic Surgery
OS Ophthalmic Surgery
OT Otology
OTO Otorhinolaryngology
P Psychiatry
PA Clinical Pharmacy
PD Pediatrics
PDA Pediatric Allergy
PDAN Pediatric Anesthesiology
PDC Pediatric Cardiology
PDCCM Pediatric Critical Care Medicine
PDE Pediatric Endocrinology
PDEPHY Pediatric Electrophysiology
PDGE Pediatric Gastroenterology
PDHO Pediatric Hematology Oncology
PDID Pediatric Infectious Diseases
PDIM Pediatric Internal Medicine
PDN Pediatric Neurology
PDNP Pediatric Nephrology
PDO Pediatric Ophthalmology
PDORS Pediatric Orthopedic Surgery
PDPM&R Pediatric Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
PDPTH Pediatric Pathology
PDR Pediatric Radiology
PDS Pediatric Surgery
PDSPS Pediatric Spine Surgery
PH Public Health
PM Pain Management
PME Pain Mechanisms
PM&R Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
PN Psychiatry & Neurology
PR Proctology
PRS Perantaneous Renal Surgery
PS Plastic Surgery
PTH Pathology
PUD Pulmonary Diseases
PUMED Pulmonary Medicine
PVM Preventive Medicine
PVS Pelvic Surgery
PYA Psychoanalysis
PYM Psychosomatic Medicine
PYP Psychopharmacology
R Radiology
RAB Radiation Biology
RAN Regional Anesthesiology
RAO Radiation Oncology
REPE Reproductive Endocrinology
RFS Refractive Surgery
RHI Rhinology
RHU Rheumatology
RIP Radioisotopic Pathology
RMS Reconstructive Microsurgery
RNL Renal Disease
RS Reconstructive Surgery
SCC Surgical Critical Care
SCIM Spinal Cord Injury Medicine
SDM Sleep Disorder Medicine
SDY Sexual Dysfunction
SHS Shoulder Surgery
SKBS Skull Base Surgery
SM Sports Medicine
SON Surgical Oncology
SP Surgery Pathology
SPS Spine Surgery
SS Scoliosis Surgery
STS Strabismus
TI Thoracic Imaging
TLR Teleradiology
TOX Toxicology
TPS Transplant Surgery
TR Therapeutic Radiology
TRA Trauma
TR/ANA Training Analyst
TRS Traumatic Surgery
TS Thoracic Surgery
TUS Tumor Surgery
U Urological Surgery
UGYN Urogynecology
US Unspecified
UV Uveitus
VIR Vascular Interventional Radiology
VR Vascular Radiology
VRS Vitreo Retinal Surgery
VS Vascular Surgery
WH Women's Health
WIM Women’s Imaging
OA Other, i.e., physician designated a specialty other than those appearing above.

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