For almost 40 years, the El Paso County Medical Society CCVS has been a trusted resource for many health care organizations in southern Colorado. Our reputation is that of a reliable, efficient, helpful service that is a benefit not only to our clients, but also to the many physicians we serve.
The Colorado Health Care Professional Credentials Application 
The Colorado legislature mandated that all health care entities and health care plans use one form, the Colorado Health Care Professional Credentials Application, for the collection of credentialing information in the state of Colorado.

The health care facilities in our community use this application for all initial applications and subsequent reappointments. All practitioners should maintain a master copy of this application as an electronic or paper file, for future credentialing events.

If you have previously completed the Colorado Health Care Professional Credentials Application for another entity, you may submit a copy of that application as long as it meets the following criteria:
  • The information on the application is correct and current
  • The application is signed and dated within a month of submission

If you would like additional information, copies of signature pages, or any other information about the application, please contact


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