(formerly known as the CMS Alliance)

The Colorado Medical Society Connection, the organization of physicians and physician spouses, will be working together to bridge the gap between two communities; the medical community, who works to provide health care services, and the consumers who depend on those services.

Our strategic plan is focused in three areas:

Communication – We will provide opportunities for members to work on existing projects as well as to take on specific projects of our members and local organizations.

Build Membership – To be effective we must build a membership that can advocate on behalf of physicians and health care in Colorado.

Create Volunteer Opportunities – We will offer activities that fit your interests and schedule. All of these will be posted on our web site as well as available in our monthly electronic newsletter.

We are excited about our organization and the growing need for a grassroots advocacy group that will work to bridge the gap between physicians and consumers. We invite you to join us in our new partnership.

You can find out more by visiting our web site at www.cmsconnection.org. Membership Patti Brown 6865 W. Princeton Ave. Denver, CO 80121 303-988-0888 [email protected]

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