The Mission Of The El Paso County Medical Society Is:

to be an advocate for physicians, promoting and developing the science and art of medicine, improving the community health and creating a liaison among physicians and between physicians and their patients;
to assist physicians in the ethical practice of quality medical care to more effectively fulfill the personal, patient, family, and societal responsibilities of their profession.

ETHICS is goal #1 of EPCMS.

To promote the highest standards of ethical medical practice to the benefit of the community and to serve as advocate for the physicians of El Paso County in achieving this. EPCMS will recognize high ethical standards as the most important quality in defining good medical practice and to promote these standards by example in all the society’s activities. We will work toward a common definition of “high standards.” Arbitrary definitions will not be included or used to judge standards of care. Education and improvement will be the goals, rather than identifying “bad apples.”


ADVOCACY is goal #2 of EPCMS.

EPCMS will seek opportunities to represent the profession in visible ways, recognizing that in whatever practice setting physicians deliver patient care their basic business, and that of the society, is serving as patient advocate.

We will determine and advance the membership’s position on all matters with regard to the ethical, scientific, social and economic aspects of medicine.

We will promote the improvement of overall health of the community, encouraging physician leadership in this process.

We will advance the status of the profession by becoming first, last and always advocates and protectors of our patients and their best interests.



EPCMS is a recognized voice of the physicians of El Paso County whether a physician pays dues or not; whether a physician participates or not. Therefore, physicians should be involved in the decision making process for the society to assure that their voice is represented.

EPCMS will: expand and cultivate all avenues of communication to both our membership and the communities we serve. Serve as a conduit for becoming involved in organized medicine. Encourage communication and cooperation among members of the profession at the local, state and national levels.



As an advocate for physicians and patients, the El Paso County Medical Society will promote strong physician involvement in political processes at all levels.

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