Delegates & Alternates

Members are elected to represent EPCMS at Colorado Medical Society House of Delegates meetings.  The Annual meeting is generally held in September each year.  Delegates and alternates meet for a local pre-caucus meeting before the House meeting.  When members feel the society should submit a resolution to the House of Delegates, they are encouraged to contact any Delegate.

Emergency Care Committee
Stein Bronsky, M.D.
Medical directors of all local, civilian and military hospitals, medical advisors of all pre-hospital care services and other appropriate physicians associated with the delivery of emergency care advise the membership on all matters pertaining to emergency medical services and bring the society point-of view to others involved.  The committee meets 12:00 p.m., third Tuesday, every other month.   

Access the 2016 El Paso County Paramedic Protocols here.  The protocols were updated August 2016.

Physician/Nurse Collaborative
Dave Richman, M.D.

Directors of nursing of all local and military hospitals, representatives of the Colorado Nurses Association, El Paso County School Nurses Association, long term care and home health care agencies, and physicians work together for community benefit and to enhance the professional image of nursing.  Each year nurses are selected by their peers to receive the Excellence in Nursing Awards presented by the medical society. The committee meets at 12:15 p.m., second Wednesday of every other month.

Nominate a colleague for the Excellence in Nursing Awards here.

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